English/coaching of happiness sessions on Skype.

English/coaching of happiness sessions on Skype.

Do you lack self esteem?
Do you severely judge yourself?
Is it difficult for you to find your place in life?
Would you like to be happier ?

Who i am

 Between the ages of 18 and 25, I left France to discover the world: Japan, India, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Latin America… I discovered other cultures, other ways of life, and incredible human diversities.

I learned the virtues of spirituality, of letting go and experiencing happiness. The effervescence of Tokyo captivated me with its rich culture, respect, excess, stress and serenity, mixing tradition and modernism. The Indian wisdom taught me that happiness is -above all- a state of mind that is not linked to material belongings.

Long separated from my own cultural references, I cultivated a very personal art of happiness.

Returning to Europe, I resumed my studies and my commercial career. In parallel, I became interested in coaching, a technique of development, both personal and professional, that focuses on the present and the near future.

I decided to become a Happiness Coach. I created this concept in France in 2009, to help anyone who wants to think positively and to quickly achieve their objectives.

As a Happiness Coach, I work with my clients either face to face or via Skype, guiding them to achieve their personal objectives. After spending a few hours working together, they see real results that allow them to connect better with themselves.

“A bird sitting on a branch of a tree never fears that the branch may break, because its confidence isn’t in the branch, but in its own ability to fly” – Fun Chang

After a few sessions, my clients regain confidence in themselves. They maximise their own efficiency. They self-congratulate for their own successes and they look at themselves in a positive light. They grow affirmation in themselves as they learn how to take care of their own needs, knowing how to say no and to recognise their fears.

I created a method which uses different techniques such as positive psychology, solution- focused coaching, empathy, logic and a positive dose of natural optimism. To make it simple, my life coaching always focuses on the present and the future which results in you experiencing quick, tangible, and long lasting results. It is my belief that reflecting and living in the past is personally harmful. Always looking back through the past can be disturbing to you and may establish you as a victim.
1/ While you are learning my life skills, you will be comfortable in your own environment.

 2/ You will be able to concentrate on your voice skills so you will develop a strong presence during face to face experiences.

3/ Skype offers you the ability to experience my Life Coaching for Happiness anywhere in the world.

4/ You can accomplish easy to do sessions even if you are busy on business trips, holidays, or while your children are sleeping. I can accommodate your hectic schedule.
5/ Skype offers you the opportunity to schedule your sessions and accommodate your timetable by selecting days, evenings, Saturdays or Sundays for your Life Coaching of Happiness appointments.
6/ Skype offers you affordable costs of your Life Coaching of Happiness sessions.
 I feel that everyone deserves to live a happy and stress free life; and, you can achieve this through my Life Coaching of Happiness experience. Let me assist you by guiding you in accomplishing a long lasting, stress free lifestyle.

Expatriates, please note: Being far from your native country can create a great deal of stress. As a former world traveler, I can help you eliminate the stresses you are experiencing in your life as a result of your lifestyle.

Together, let's cultivate your own happiness!

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